Sainsbury’s Employee Benefits and Perks

Sainsbury’s is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. The company currently has 111,900 employees working for them. It is really astonishing how the company is able to manage these employees efficiently. The employees working at Sainsbury’s are extremely satisfied with the work culture.

Employees working at Sainsbury’s are entitled to certain employee benefits and perks. In this article, I have mentioned all the important benefits and perks you should know about. Most of these benefits and perks can be viewed and managed through the Oursainsburys portal.

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If you are working with Sainsbury’s, you should definitely read further. The most important benefits and perks have been explained in detail.

About Sainsbury’s

In simple terms, Sainsbury’s is a supermarket chain operating in the United Kingdom. The supermarket chain is the 2nd largest grocery retailer in the entire country. Due to this, the market share of Sainsbury’s has increased to 16%, which makes it the 2nd largest supermarket chain in the UK. The parent company acquired three popular brands. Nectar, Argar and Habitat are the brands that have been recently acquired by Sainsbury’s. Using these brands, Sainsbury’s has been able to expand its operations and revenues.

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Now let us get back to the important part, i.e., the employee benefits!

Sainsbury’s Employee Benefits

Sainsbury’s is a well-known supermarket chain in the UK. Due to its popularity, the company receives thousands of job applications every year. However, most of these applicants are interested in the company because of the remarkable perks and benefits they will be entitled to once they start working for Sainsbury’s.

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Sainsbury’s has an exceptional record when it comes to taking care of its employees. The perks provided to them are the icing on the cake. Every employee receives these benefits without any discrimination.

Without any further ado, let us check out these perks!

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Flexible Work Hours

In today’s date, it is exceedingly hard to find an employer who provides you with a flexible work shift. Employees working at Sainsbury’s are given the ability to choose their own work hours. Flexible work hours allow an employee to work at their employment location at the work hours of their choosing.


Insurance is one of the most beneficial perks given to employees. The company offers insurance cover to all of its employees. Thus, if you do not have an insurance policy of your own, the company will gladly create one for you. An insurance policy benefits you the most when it comes to covering unnecessary damages.

Paid Holidays

Another solid perk that garners the affection of all employees working with Sainsbury’s. The employees are allowed a certain number of paid leaves on a pro-rata basis. After completing 5 years of service with Sainbury’s, an employee is awarded extra paid leaves which they can utilize.

Sainsbury’s Pension Scheme

As soon as you start working at Sainsbury’s, you are automatically enrolled into the company’s pension scheme. The pension scheme comes with a free life cover that roughly amounts to one year’s worth of salary. Using the, you can expand your pension by investing more money from your salary towards your pension scheme.

Sainsbury’s Discount Card

The Sainsbury’s Discount Card is one of the most highly demanded perks. After an employee completes 6 months of service, they are eligible for the Sainsbury’s Discount Card. The card can be used to avail a 10% discount while shopping at Sainsbury’s or Argos. The Discount Card can be used for online shopping as well.

An employee can also add a second user to the card. The 2nd user will also be able to avail the discounts!

Interest-free Travel Loan

Another benefit gets unlocked after you complete 6 months of service. An employee is eligible to apply for an interest-free travel loan after completing their probationary period. Using the travel loan, you can purchase yearly and annual commuter pass for your daily travel.

Sainsbury’s Employee Assistance Programme

Employees are given free legal and financial advice through the Employee Assistance Programme. Counselling services are also available to those who are seeking help to fight depression and mental issues. These services are highly confidential, you do not have to worry about other employees finding out about your interactions with EAP(Employee Assistance Programme).

Annual Bonus

Annual Bonuses are given out to everyone working with Sainsbury’s. The Annual bonus benefit will allow you to increase your pay. The pay and annual bonus is usually tied to your performance. Depending upon the store you work in, and the position you hold, your annual bonus may vary.

Sainsbury’s Service Award

Members of staff who have been working with Sainsbury’s for a long time are awarded for their loyalty to the company. They receive various rewards and gift-cards as a token of appreciation from the company. These service awards mark a milestone achievement for the employee working at the company.

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